If you have been looking for a new way to make money online, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there are many opportunities that exist today. One of these ways is through crypto marketing and by joining in on the digital gold rush, you could make a lot of money. But what does it take to be successful with crypto marketing? All you need is some data and this article will provide it for you. We will cover how much people typically spend in different countries, what methods they use to invest money, and how they convert currencies as well as other factors like Facebook posts and blog posts. Our site list.

1. Global Statistics

To begin, we need to know the amount of money that people spend on cryptocurrency marketing. If we go by data provided by various sources, then it is estimated that worldwide public spending on marketing a product or service ran around $2.2 billion in 2017. It is also estimated that 60% of the global retail market runs through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which makes it very important for marketers to gain more followers along with returning views and clicks to improve their brand awareness.

2. Methods for Investment

Next, we need to know how people make investment decisions so that we can apply the results to our purposes. The methods are categorized into two types – 1) Direct Investments and 2) Indirect Investments . This can be done through a variety of methods including:

–  Direct Investment (DI) – This is when the customer directly invests into the site or project for potential returns.

–  Indirect Investment (II) – This is when people buy into something like a currency, an ICO, stocks, shares, etc. where the value of their investment grows or decreases based on market factors like supply and demand, investor confidence, and so on.

3. Where People Invest Money Globally

The amount that people invest in cryptocurrency marketing as well as Defi Marketing or other forms of direct and indirect investment varies by country. Below is a quick overview of the top ten countries with the highest investment rates. It is important to note that this list includes data from various sources and is current as of 2017.

A) South Korea:  In South Korea, retail investors make up most of the market, making up an estimated 57% of the population. Hence it makes sense that they have fun investing in cryptocurrencies which offer a high appreciation rate given their increasing popularity.

B) Japan:  Next is Japan where there are currently over 5.5 million cryptocurrency investors and as such, they are considered one of the largest markets for cryptocurrency marketing given their high spending rate on it; however, a recent amendment to legislation might change things soon.

C) Hong Kong:  The number three spot goes to Hong Kong where retail investors make up 67% of the population. As such, there is a high demand for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum which has led to high marketing rates by various companies.

D) Australia:  Next is Australia who have over 2 million cryptocurrency investors which has resulted in increasing rates of marketing due to the relatively high demand for these services.

E) Germany:   The fourth biggest market is Germany with over 2 million people who invest in cryptocurrencies through one of two methods – either direct investment or indirect investment methods like buying into ICOs.

4. The Methods of Conversion

After people decide to invest money into cryptocurrencies, they need to get their money converted from their local currency into cryptocurrency. This can be done in many ways including seo service:

Direct Purchase (DP) – This is when people send a wire transfer or give their credit card information directly to the site where they want to buy the cryptocurrency.

Indirect Purchase (IP) – This is when they purchase something like stocks or shares that represent an indirect ownership of the cryptocurrency in question.

5. The Facebook Audience (Age and Gender)

Next, we will examine data from Facebook as this is always a popular way for marketers to reach potential clients on social media. This data is important as it reveals that there are three main methods of marketing:

New Audience (NA) – These are people who have never been part of the cryptocurrency craze before.

Existing Audience (EA) – These are people who already own cryptocurrencies and might be considering selling.

Influencer Marketers (IM) – These are people who love to talk about cryptocurrency and share their opinions with others, influencing their opinion on certain things.

6. Tools Used for Research

This data is also important because it shows the tools that people use to research cryptocurrency marketing. The most common tool is the internet, used by over 80% of people who search online for information about these investment opportunities. Other popular methods include blogs and Facebook which are used by over 60% of the population in question.

7. How Much People Spend on Crypto Marketing per Year

The next factor we need to know about is how much money people spend on crypto marketing each year. Based on various studies, it has been found that the amount of money spent on this form of investment tends to follow a bell curve pattern based on two factors: 1) age and gender and 2) income .