Artashumara adopted his father Shuttarna II on the throne, however was murdered by a certain UD-hi, or Uthi. It is unsure what intrigues that adopted, but UD-hi then placed Tushratta, one other son of Shuttarna, on the throne. Probably, he was quite younger on the time and was supposed to function a figurehead only.

With Telepinu’s death in c.1500, the Old Kingdom interval ended, and the Middle Kingdom interval started. Unfortunately, the Middle Kingdom is a comparatively obscure interval, as few records have survived. During this time, Hittites came under extended assault, primarily from the Kaska, a non-Indo-European people inhabiting the shores of the Black Sea. The scenario was apparently dire enough to drive the Hittite capital to maneuver several times, first to Sapinuwa and then to Samuha. The Hittite Kingdom’s foundation is dated to c.1680 BC and is credited to Labarna I or Hattusili I . It was presently that Hattusa and the encompassing lands were finally captured.

He claims to have slain 14,four hundred males; the remainder have been blinded and carried away. Another inscription mentions the development of a temple to the Assyrian god Adad/Hadad in Kahat, a metropolis of Mitanni that must have been occupied as nicely. Shuttarna I was an early king of the Mitanni and his name is recorded on a seal discovered at Alalakh. The inscription reads “son of Kirta” and is the only reference about this king but discovered.

Also, the Hittite capital of Hattusa is preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The largest collection of Hittite artifacts in the world is housed by the Museum of Anatolian Civilization in Ankara, Turkey. Several fashionable institutions in Turkey, such as the state-owned Etibank , carry names impressed by the Hittites. Long after they disappeared into the mists of historical past, the influence of the as quickly as mighty Hittites can nonetheless be seen right now. The Hittites additionally make an appearance in the Old Testament of the Bible as pals or allies of the Israelites. It is unclear if the historic Hittites are the identical folks as the Biblical Hittites.

When Amenhotep III fell unwell, the king of Mitanni sent him a statue of the goddess Shaushka of Nineveh that was reputed to cure illnesses. A roughly permanent border between Egypt and Mitanni seems to have existed near Qatna on the Orontes River; Ugarit was a half of Egyptian territory. The navy superiority of Mitanni was in all probability based on the use of two-wheeled war-chariots, pushed in the andes, textiles were considered ________ gold and silver. by the ‘Maryannu’ people. A text on the training of war-horses, written by a certain “Kikkuli the Mitannian” has been found in the archives recovered at Hattusa. More speculative is the attribution of the introduction of the chariot in Mesopotamia to early Mitanni. The states of Aleppo within the west, and Nuzi and Arrapha within the east, seem to have been integrated into Mitanni under Shaushtatar as nicely.